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daily / generally

(usually in the mornings around 10.00) meeting in the Italian / German speaking groups for feedback
(usually in the evenings around 20.00 – 21.00) short feedback in the big group, filling open tasks for the next day

sometimes: eating lunch and dinner all together (for free, cooked by a different small group every time)
sometimes: eating out (you get approx. 5€ per meal)
always: breakfast at the host’s place

Day 1 – Friday 5 April

First meeting of the Leipzig group at 11.00, last instructions and preparations, cooking lunch
Arrival of the Terni group around 15.00, eating lunch together at the venue
getting to know games, introduction into the self-organisation during the exchange, communicating needs / inventing rules

Day 2 – Saturday 6 April

Name Game
City Ralley with fun tasks
presentation of interesting findings
game on intercultural dynamics

Day 3 – Sunday 7 April

starting late
three workshops in three groups, about basic techniques & strategies: Interviews, Photography, Video
Thinking out of the box game

Day 4 – Monday 8 April

Working with pictures about work that you all brought (personal connections to the topic, Storytelling with pictures)
in small groups: Interviews with locals who can tell about a specific work experience, processing the interviews

Day 5 – Tuesday 9 April

starting late
Presentation of the interviews
Seeing an exhibition
Feedback and group discussion about artistic strategies etc.

Day 6 – Wednesday 10 April

Visiting an agricultural collective, eating there
Finding working groups for the next days, according to your interests and the media you want to work with
Brainstorming in groups on how to approach your topic

Day 7 – Thursday 11 April

Checking on the group dynamics
Developing the groups approach to the topic
Sharing the groups’ ideas and how they proceed
Research / going out

Day 8 – Friday 12 April & Day 9 – Saturday 13 April

Groups work autonomously on their projects
Exchange about the progress, sharing feedback in the evening

Day 10 – Sunday 14 April

Editing of the group projects

Day 11 – Monday 15 April

Presentation of the group projects

Day 12 – Tuesday 16 April

Making posters that advertise the upcoming exhibition
Preparing content for the exhibition and the website

Day 13 – Wednesday 17 April

Big feedback on the whole time
Distributing the posters

Day 14 – Thursday 18 April

Cleaning up
Departure of the participants from Terni

14 – 22 May

exhibition of the results in Leipzig


exhibition of the results in Terni