The exchange

What is »laboro ergo sum«?

Hi! Laboro ergo sum #2 is an international exchange program by Erasmus+ of the association Arciragazzi Gli Anni in Tasca – Blob.lgc lab in collaboration with Demetra -Centro di Palmetta and the German associations ADI and

What is the plan?

For ten days we want to explore the topic of work through audio-visual (photography, cinema) and other creative medias. Which views and experiences do you connect with “work”? Which differences and similiarities are there between our cultural environments and worlds? In small groups we’ll observe local realities in Terni linked to the subject of work and develop ideas in a creative way. And above all we want to spend and share good moments of growth as a group.

How can you contribute, what you should bring?

You don’t have experience with photography or cinema? It doesn’t matter. It is more important that you are willing to get out of your comfort zone. Equipment (cameras, photo, video) will be provided, but if you have one, you can bring it with you and use it. It would be great if you could bring locks for bikes if you have some.

Adopt a person from Germany for 10 days.

We are looking for hosts in Terni for the German participants throughout the exchange. If you have enough room, it would be great, but you don’t have to.

When and where?

Terni, Italy, 18 – 28 October 2019

How much does it cost?

Nothing! It’s financed by Erasmus+ the European Commission.

How to participate?

Submit your application here until 7 October! Then we will tell you as soon as possible if you are in.
Bring your ideas. There will be a preparatory meeting in the beginning of October.
You can come and meet the Terni team in our centre located in in via Giovanni XXIII nr 20 in Terni or write to:
For people from Leipzig, we will meet on 13 October at 19.30.

Who are we?

Arciragazzi gli Anni in Tasca – Blob.lgc is a social lab for young people of Terni. The centre is provided with rooms and necessary equipment in the world of communication: video, audio, internet, W-Lan etc. It’s supposed to be a place where you can meet new people, share your passion, work on projects and find spaces and media to realize and express yourself.

Associazione Demetra is a nongovernmental organization that works in the fields of youth gathering, performing art, non-formal and peer education. Demetra manages a cultural centre in Terni (Umbria) called “Centro di Palmetta” and works daily to encourage creativity, culture and participation.
Centro di Palmetta is a youth and cultural centre and residence for artists in Terni. The building that was abandoned for over 30 years has been completely renewed by young volunteers from the association. It consists of a big area for theatres and workshops. It has special needs toilets, a kitchen, rooms, an office, two basements used for exhibitions and a bar outside for self-financing. There is also a garden and a orchard. Centro di Palmetta is open to everybody, creativity is always welcome. There is no distinction between genders or languages… Everyone is welcome.

Adi is an association in Leipzig-Lindenau, that promotes free education for people who are not satisfied with the regular education system in schools, universities and so on.

The platform from Leipzig is focused on making photography and video accessible to people with different backgrounds to tell and share stories about life and politics through workshops. They publish books, exhibitions and advertising about social and individual issues.